Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello Kitty Bento

Hello Kitty Bento, originally uploaded by texasmomof4.

In my house we are big fans of all things Hello Kitty!  So for the girls lunch we have a Hello Kitty ham, cheese and cucumber sandwich with the obligatory Hello Kitty cheese head.Paired with a side of fruit, broccoli and of course a Hello Kitty head filled with yummy fruit dip (recipe below).  My first grader has an early lunch and gets hungry in the afternoon so her teacher allows for a small snack so the repurposed easter egg Hello Kitty head is filled with animal crackers to tide her little tummy over until she gets home from school. 

Super Easy Fruit Dip

1 box of cream cheese
1 jar of marshmallow fluff

Mix both items together until creamy, chill and serve.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Peanut butter apple wrap

Peanut butter apple wrap, originally uploaded by texasmomof4.

Another fast bento lunch with peanut butter and apple wrap, veggies, oreo yogurt, and fruit.

Game day bento box

Game day, originally uploaded by texasmomof4.

This was the bento for the second day of school which was also my son's first football game so I threw together a quick bento with a football theme. I love it when I am able to find themed items to make a quick bento for morning that are a rush. Oreo has come up with football shaped cookies and Ritz crackers have football themed crackers.

O "FISH" ally a 7th grader

O "FISH" ally a 7th grader, originally uploaded by texasmomof4.

First day of school bento.
The baggies say O'FISH"ally a 7th grader.

Pretty Princess bento PB&J version

My youngest has yet to find a liking for sushi so today she has a peanut butter and jelly pocket sandwich. The princes is made of a hard boiled egg shaped with an onigiri egg mould.

Pretty Princess sushi version

For anyone in the Indianapolis area I have found a fabulous shop for finding cupcake picks to be used in bento. Mrs. B's right off Crawfordsville road has a amazing assortment of picks. I found the adorable cupcake princess decorations and paired them with a hard boiled egg in todays bento lunch for the girls.

Giraffe sushi bento

Giraffe sushi bento, originally uploaded by texasmomof4.

It's back to school time here in Indiana and bento lunches are back on the menu. Oh Bento how I have missed thee! I think I really did need a bento break to recharge the creative juices. I have found getting back in the bento groove is going to take time. As full creative potential has yet to be hit. But we are on the right track. Today my son requested sushi so we have a sushi bento that is very simple yet yummy!