Monday, October 13, 2008

Bento Lunches!

This is my first ever attempt at packing a bento lunch. Although not traditional it is fun. I decided to start making bento lunches for my children because I didn't want them eating the junk the school system calls a nutritious lunch. And I also wanted there lunches to be cute so they wouldn't get bored. So my blog will mainly be my journey through the school year trying to come up with cute lunches.
Left: Mini caramel apples (recipe below)
Middle: Turkey and cheese sandwich roll-ups over scredded cabbage.
Left: Is cheddar goldfish crackers and Melon balls.
Mini caramel apples
two apples
1 t oil
Clean the apples and use a melon baller to make tiny apples insert toothpick or wooden stick.
In the microwave melt the caramels with the oil according to the package directions. Dip apples into the caramel and let cool. You can also dip them in various items such as crushed nuts, sprinkles etc.

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